Eiphen Finds the Orb

Posted by Ben Johnson on Thursday, August 25, 2011 Under: Discovery
When I was young I read a lot of science fiction and could not get enough of science fiction movies.  I remember watching a movie that starts off with a shooting star landing on earth.  Eerie music plays as an unsuspecting man and women go down to investigate.  The first thing the alien does is fry them with his laser ray.  In most movies and stories, the alien has landed for no good purpose.  Eiphen investigates the landing of a meteorite and for once, the alien is a beneficial one.

When you see shooting stars at night, do you wonder if they ever land and who finds them?  Early historians report that meteorites were hunted for their high metal content to make high quality swords and armor, but there was always something mysterious and wonderful about a meteorite.  What would you do with a meteorite if you found it?

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