About the Book

Eiphen is an unlikely 12 year old hero who grew up in a modest home in southern California. Five years earlier his father had abandoned the home, leaving his mother to raise Eiphen and his two siblings. Gifted with a vivid imagination, Eiphen was often the butt of jokes at the middle school for his odd way of thinking. Everything changed when he discovered the Orb.  Eiphen and his three friends became the center of the age-old struggle for the hearts and minds of mankind. With the aid of the Orb, Eiphen is able to discover who he really is, and thwart the insidious evil of Gorbach the Illusioner.

Eiphen discovers the mysterious orb that serves as a mentor. He and his friends struggle to save the school from a maniacal substitute teacher but end up doing much more than that. Read more about Eiphen and his Orb by purchasing a subscription to the Orb newsletter or obtaining access to Eiphen's Online World.