The Amazing Adventures of Eiphen and the Orb

The Amazing Adventures of Eiphen and the Orb is the best juvenile literature by educator and author dr. Ben Johnson.

Targeted Audience: Juveniles and teens

Topics: developing imagination, animal behavior, science fiction, history, adventure, and intrigue.


Eiphen is a young man with an odd name.  He has some odd talents and some odd friends too.  But truly odd things really begin to happen when Eiphen discovers a mysterious orb that leads him to incredible learning adventures.  In the process, Eiphen discovers things about himself and the world around him in  a multitude of amazing adventures-- some scary and some hilarious.

When you read The Amazing Adventures of Eiphen and the Orb, be prepared to be thrilled by adventure and learn more than you ever thought you could.  This book is for anyone who is not afraid to wonder what it would be like to be the size of an atom or float on thermals like the California Vultures.

The book will be published soon. You can get information not in the book  and learn more about Eiphen and his Orb by purchasing a subscription to the Eiphen's World.  Just click here or on the online store tab to register and make the payment, then you will have access to all of the ORB pages.

Discover how Eiphen ends up in a giant Bromeliad tree on the planet Urendil, home of the Orb, Scyndelaine.  

Read about the exciting adventures of Eiphen as he discovers why the Mayan civilization suddenly disappeared.

Experience the chill of the ocean depths with Eiphen, a pelagic Thresher Shark, a giant squid, a sperm whale, and a school of tuna.

Read about what happened to Eiphen and learn what to do if you are caught in Africa in your pajamas!